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Wellbeing Exeter

Wellbeing Exeter is a partnership of public, voluntary and community sector organisations who have come together to explore better ways of supporting the 40% of patients who visit their GP with socially based rather than medical problems.

The programme’s three-pronged approach works like this:


Exeter GP practices refer patients they believe would benefit from increased social activity to their trusted Community Connector.


The Connector works with the individual to identify what matters to them, and plan a way forward. Together, they start to engage with the local community. The Connector might introduce people to activities and organisations within their neighbourhoods, and may accompany them initially. On average individuals work for around 6 weeks with their Connectors but this varies depending on individual needs and wishes. This process is known as Social Prescribing.


Simultaneously, Community Builders are working within communities, identifying social resources, stimulating activity, and helping those communities to thrive and develop. This builds communities’ capacity to offer opportunities to residents for connection and interdependence. Community Builders are a great resource for Community Connectors to help discover what might be on offer for participating individuals.

If you feel you could benefit from a wellbeing referral please speak to your GP or a member of the reception team for further information.

Date published: 7th March, 2019
Date last updated: 7th March, 2019