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Annual Review Information for Patients 


Every year a large number of our patients will attend the practice for an annual review as part of their ongoing health monitoring. Annual reviews enable us to understand how you are managing your long term condition and how this could be improved to support you and keep you in good health. Annual reviews are a very important part of the work we undertake on a weekly basis and we have specialist trained nurses to support and inform you at your annual review.

Over the last 6 months we have redesigned the way our reviews work and we have been very successful at enabling patients to attend just once for their review when previously they may have attended at the surgery a number of times. This has allowed us to ‘catch up’ with some of the reviews we had to suspend in April and May.

We have spent time redesigning the way we undertake these annual reviews and we will invite you to attend an extended appointment where we may carry out a number of tests at once, this will mean that you only need to attend the practice once for a single physical review. As an example you may be a patient with diabetes and asthma, which require different physical tests but these can all be taken in a single appointment.

Following your physical review we will contact you remotely via text, telephone, email or by video call to discuss your results and how we can support you and keep you in good health.

This approach does mean that your usual review dates may change from the one you are used to. We know this will likely feel strange at first but this is the best way to ensure that we do not risk any cross infection on our site and that we are able to continue providing you with good preventative health care.

Please look out for a letter or email from us which will invite you to an annual review.

Of course if you do feel unwell or that you are not able to manage your condition please contact the surgery in the usual way to request an appointment for an earlier review with one of the nurses or GP.