Barnfield Hill Surgery

01392 432761

How do I get support?



Devon Based Hotline 0345 155 1007
In a non- medical emergency, if you require urgent carers support or are worried about the mental health of a person 65+

For urgent medical  advice  please call the surgery 01392 432761 (out of hours dial 111) or 999 for a medical emergency


What level of help should I be getting?

Level 1 Universal Support

Just because you have identified yourself as a carer doesn’t mean this defines you or that you need lots of support. However life can be more challenging, Level 1 support is support available for every carer. The focus of these services is to prevent needs from developing. Where you have a need for support, the services have been designed to help you stay as independent as possible and also prevent your situation from deteriorating. We will be encouraging all of our registered carers to sign up to this support.

Devon Carers provide support groups, Devon Carers magazine, financial advice, alert cards, training as well as specific things like hospital discharge advice.

Devon Carers Website 



Devon Carers  – 03456 434 435

Monday to Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm Saturday from 9:00am to 1:00pm



Level 2 Targeted Support

Targeted services are provided to individual carers where specific needs have been identified; therefore not all targeted services are available to all carers at all times. They are designed to prevent, delay and reduce the development of eligible needs, these are where care that is needed is of a level that Devon County Council become responsible for providing these needs

These services will be accessible once you’ve had a conversation (not an assessment) with either Devon Carers or Devon County Council (please be aware that details of the conversation will be recorded).

Targeted services include: face to face training, mentoring and peer support, escalation planning, contingency support, and crisis support

The service can accessed as a self-referral and the help provided is not means tested. This is a free at the point of access service.

 Devon County Council Carers Support 


Devon Carers  – 03456 434 435

Monday to Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm Saturday from 9:00am to 1:00pm


Level 3 Personal Offer

The personal level of services is available to you if it is determined that you have eligible needs, once you have had a carer’s assessment. This will most often be in the form of a Carer Health and Wellbeing Check undertaken by either Devon Carers or Devon County Council.

Support will first focus on your personal strengths and resources and how they can help you to meet and reduce your needs as well as prevent and delay other needs from arising.

If other services are required the main objective will always be to ensure they are designed to meet your needs rather than trying to make your needs fit those services.

Personal services include all those detailed above as well as:

Personal budget

If you have eligible needs that Devon County Council is required to meet, an amount of money known as a carer’s personal budget may be agreed. The amount of your personal budget and how it will be used is unique to each carer and will be discussed as part of the support planning process. You will not need to have a financial assessment to determine whether or not you have to contribute towards the cost of your support. Devon County Council does not have a policy to charge carers for their support.

Replacement care

If you are eligible you can get support for the person you care for in the form of replacement care (also commonly known as respite care). This is any care arrangement designed to give you some respite from your usual caring responsibilities.

If you are a registered carer under either level one or two above, you are able to access level 3, if deemed appropriate, by requesting a Care Health and Wellbeing Check.

If you require any support in accessing these services please contact the surgery and ask for our Carers Champion Tyna Crow