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Covid Vaccination – Oxford Astra Zeneca AZ 2nd Dose appointments.

Our team are reviewing available appointments to bring forward second dose appointments to 8 weeks after the first. This will be require us to schedule additional clinics. Please do not contact the practice we will contact you as soon as clinics are available.

You may have heard in the media that in very rare cases  the Oxford AZ vaccination has been found to cause ‘blood clots’ which have resulted in the need for further treatment and hospitalisation. If you are due a second dose vaccination in the coming weeks and you did not suffer any serious side effects, our advice is to continue to attend and receive the vaccination. It is important you complete the course and are fully protected against Covid 19 infection. For information about the concerns raised and to review the information please click here 

Vaccinations for people over 50 years

Please note our team have contacted and offered a vaccination to everyone in the eligible group. If you have not received an invite or you wish to now attend for vaccination please contact one of the team at the surgery for further advice. 

Vaccinations for those in an ‘at risk group’  This includes patients aged 16 and over who have an underlying health condition, learning disability or mental health problems that makes them vulnerable to Covid 19 (please note not all flu eligible patients are eligible for a priority Covid 19 vaccination). This also includes those who have been required to shield up until 31st March 2021 under the recent shielding programme. Any patient under the age of 40 years will be offered an alternative vaccination to the Oxford AZ vaccine.  Please contact the surgery if you have not had the vaccination but would like to take up the offer.

Vaccinations for those who are carers 

This includes patients over the age of 16 years who are registered with the practice as a carer, are in receipt of Carers Allowance or who have been identified by Devon County Council as a carer. When considering if you may be a carer please consider the following: If you were to become unwell with Covid 19 would the person you care for be moved to hospital, respite care or require social services support until you are well enough to care for them again. This is a good rule of thumb when considering if you meet the criteria as a carer under the Covid 19 vaccination programme. Any patient under the age of 40 years will be offered an alternative vaccination to the Oxford AZ vaccine. Please contact the practice if you think that you meet the criteria as a carer but have not yet been invited. 

Vaccinations for  those who live with immuno-compromised individuals

We are in the process of contacting patients who are immuno-compromised to invite the household to attend for vaccination. On receipt of the letter please contact the practice to book in those that live with you if they have not already been vaccinated. You will need to bring address ID and the letter sent to the immuno- compromised individual to access a vaccine when you attend for your appointment. Any patient under the age of 39 years will be offered an alternative vaccination to the Oxford AZ vaccine.

Vaccinations for the 18-49 age group

We are running a small number of first dose clinics for patients under 50. Please contact the surgery if you receive a text or letter invite to book. If you have difficulty attending a mass vaccination centre we will be able to find you a local appointment.